Brian Cantor

Director & Principal Analyst
CCW Digital

8:45 AM CCW DIGITAL FEATURE: Customer Contact Market Study Brief

CCW Digital is the global online community and research hub of more than 140,000 customer contact members. Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst and CCW Digital Director, shares kicks off our inaugural Technology & Innovation Focus Day with the key trends, findings and priorities of the customer contact industry through the CCW Digital 2018 Market Study.

12:00 PM PROJECT ANALYSIS: Customer Journey Mapping Special Report Leader Findings

In today’s era of customer centricity, you cannot afford to make guesses or assumptions about customer demands. You cannot impose broad, impersonal, business-minded experiences on those customers. You cannot allow silos to create frustrating “pain points” for your customers. CCW Digital’s Special Report on Customer Journeys uncovers:

  • 3 ways to increase customer centricity with journey maps
  • 6 ways to drive business results with journey maps
  • 5 challenges to mapping (and improving) customer journeys
  • 5 steps for meaningfully elevating the customer experience

4:15 PM CCW DIGITAL FEATURE: Customer Intent Special Report Leader Findings

Competent organizations aim to accommodate basic customer needs. Elite, customer-centric organizations go one step further. They are not merely offering support; they are empowering customers to derive the most possible value from every interaction, at every touch point. There’s a simple key to delivering this superior experience: understanding customer intent. CCW Digital’s Special Report on Customer Intent uncovers:

  • 5 questions that reveal customer intent
  • 7 ways to use intent to radically improve the customer experience
  • 7 best practices for getting started with intent-driven engagement
  • Examples of intent-driven engagement in travel, telecom, finance and retail

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Brian.

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